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Admission Rules

Sælukot accepts children from 12 months to 6 years old.

We assign the applications according to the age of the children.

Allocation/checking in kindergarten

When checking in kindergarten, the date of birth of children is considered, and the oldest are allocated first. A row on the waiting list determines which child is next in, older children go before younger children. However, several factors can affect the waiting list, such as which classroom has free space and whether a child has a sibling in the kindergarten.


Parents are sent an email when a child can have a place in the kindergarten. Staying is subject to the condition that the parent does not owe preschool fees. Parents have 10 days to answer, after that the child´s name is removed from the waiting list.

Notice period

The mutual notice period is one month and is based on the first day of each month. If parents owe three months, the child is dismissed from kindergarten. A 10-day period is given to settle the debt, or the child will lose their space at the kindergarten. After that time, a final warning is sent, and a lawyer is assigned to collect the debt.


When the child starts kindergarten, a contract is made.

Opening hours

The kindergarten is open from 07:45 to 16.45. 
The kindergarten is closed in July.