Leikskólinn Sælukot was established in Reykjavik in 1977 by a group of margii sisters inspired  by neo-humanistic education. The school was originally a day care center, situated in someone´s house and later on Didi Ananda Sukrti found (Þorragata – 1) current place with the help of Margii Sisters and Brothers. The founder of Neo-humanistic education Shrii P.R. Sarkar wanted to open many kindergarten for the welfare of every society. Over time, the school developed and grew into what is now a pre-school for a larger group of children and with a curriculum that not only includes fun and playing but also a more structured frame work for learning and development.

Didi opened this kindergarten as per Neo humanistic way. Didi, the “little orange nun” played a very active role in the community of Reykjavik. She was also well remembered as “the orange nun who gave free soup.” The teenagers used to hang out downtown and Didi liked to cook for them. It was her positive relationships with the local members of Ananda Marga, parents, teachers, community and many social dignitaries that enabled her to establish Sælukot. The former Prime Minster, David Oddsson, and the president Vigdis played a major role in getting the land and permission to the school. Much credit is also due to sister Anasuya, sister prema, and sister Gayatri who was a young university student at the time and put all her energy into establishing Sælukot.

In 1995 Didi Ananda Tapatii came to Iceland. Her great care of the project and immense love for the parents and children helped Sælukot to remain well respected in Iceland for its innovative children’s program. Due to its popularity and waiting list Didi took the determination to extend the school. In 2001 Sælukot had grown to include a small summer greenhouse, a large classroom, one new bathroom, two new small rooms, parking area, new fencing, and new play ground equipment. later on  Didi Ananda Niirmala, Didi Brcii. AnandaMayii, Didi Ananda Raganuga also gave their valuable contribution to Sælukot. Currently, Didi Ananda Kaostubha has been working in Sælukot since August 2010. As ussual people´s love towards Sælukot is making Sælukot grow bigger. in 2014 Sælukot building got extended again On the ground floor 2 new very large size rooms, 2 stander size bathrooms, staff room, new green house, and on 2nd floor staff´s working area, a big hall for indoor activities, WC, managers´s office room attached with kitchen and bathroom. Current capaicity for Sælukot building is for 72 children as per icelandic regulation. We get financial support from the city only for 39 kids. How Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s teachings have touched and shaped the life of many. As educators we often don’t see the immediate effect of our work in the society, but here, I see flashes of that light: Not long ago there was some publicity about a group of children from our (Sælukot) school who organized a service project at the children’s hospital. They took their old toys and things and sold them at the Market then gave the money to the children’s hospital; they were around 8 or 9 years old, and all graduates of Sælukot.

Another parent, who had all 3 of her children go through our school, told this story. She was stuck in a traffic jam, and very upset when her son Sturtla, 3 yrs. old, began to teach her meditation… saying… “close your eyes….. relax….. and say…. Baba Nam ….Kevalam…Love is all around me” Sælukot is located near the sea, next to an Elderly Care centre and a small local airport.

The setting is big and fresh and great fun. On our land we have a tunnel, teeter-totter, sandbox, swings, climbing structures, etc, outdoor vegetable and flower gardens as well as a few small hills that make for great sledding in the winter! Because of our location we are able to take regular visits to the sea. Iceland is a great place to raise children. With its clean water, air, and  safety they can run and play very freely. I was astounded that even during blizzards the children go out to play. Their mothers say that it is due to the fact that when they are babies they wrap them up well and let them sleep in their buggies outside on the doorstep!