Sarkar wrote that neohumanism manifests in three stages of development.

  • The first stage of neohumanism is spiritual practice to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the practitioner. The stage of spiritual practice indirectly benefits society through the social service that is part of spiritual practice.
  • The second stage of neohumanism is spiritual principle (or essence). Its impact is mainly in the mental and spiritual realms, both individual and collective. According to neohumanism, practice of rationality and adherence to the principle of social equality (especially when combined with protospiritualistic mentality) will not only strengthen individual minds but also the collective human mind to the point that humanity as a whole can withstand the destructive impact of geo sentiment and socio sentiment and the ruthless exploiters who capitalize on those sentiments.
  • The third and final stage of neohumanism is spiritual mission. According to neohumanism, when an individual’s existential nucleus (soul) merges with the “Cosmic Existential Nucleus”, she/he attains the consummation of her/his existence. Neohumanism asserts that this supreme status ensures the future of not only the human world but also of the animal and plant worlds as well.

Sarkar describes neohumanism as follows:

What is neohumanism? Neohumanism is humanism of the past, humanism of the present, and humanism – newly explained – of the future. Explaining humanity and humanism in a new light will widen the path of human progress and will make it easier to tread. Neohumanism will give new inspiration and provide a new interpretation for the very idea of human existence. It will help people understand that human beings, as the most thoughtful and intelligent beings in this created universe, will have to accept the great responsibility of taking care of the entire universe, will have to accept that the great responsibility for the entire universe rests on them.

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