Organizational Structure

Leikskólinn Sælukot is a project of the (ERAWS) education relief and welfare section of the Women´s Welfare Department of Ananda Marga.

Ananda marga is an international social service organization founded in India in 1955 by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (1921-1990). Ananda Marga has developed a vast network of dedicated volunteers in 160 countries worldwide. Its social program includes disaster relief, schools, Children´s home, medical clinics, refugee help, sustainable community development projects and other short or long term projects, which help people to be self sufficient.

Ananda Marga, which means ‘’Path of Bliss’’, is also a spiritual movement dedicated to the all-round elevation of the human condition—physical, mental and spiritual. Its missionary workers render social service, and are trained to teach yoga and meditation.


School Structure


Leikskólinn Sælukot is a project of (WWD) women welfare department of Ananda Marga Neo humanist Education, a not-for-profit socio spiritual organization. Global office of AM WWD (Ananda Marga Women Welfare Department) is in India.

The assigned Ananda Marga WWD representative to the Sælukot is the school Acharya (Didi). They facilitate and maintain the Neohumanist elements and spiritual culture of the school and they also have classroom input in implementing the teaching of meditation, yoga and ethics.

The Sælutröðð Committee is formed of community members including 1 parent, 2 staffs and 2 ananda marga members, with skills in law, finance, governance, education, management, etc.

The overall role of the Sælutröð Committee is as the executive link (working board) between the A.M.G.K. (Ananda Marga Gurukul) Board and the Principal.

Parent Advisory Committee (Foreldraráð)

The Advisory Committee fulfills many of the functions of a normal school board, facilitating, monitoring and supporting the Principal to achieve goals in relation to staffing, curriculum and pedagogy, workplace health and safety, administration, community and Neohumanism.

Parent Working Board Committee (Foreldrafélag)

The role of parent working board committee is to co operate to organize the events in the school.

The Principal is the school leader and head of operations.

We value and welcome parent for your input and hope that you will feel free to contact us if you need to at any time. Please let us know if you need any assistance, if you have any ideas or inspiration, or if you have any concerns of any sort. All communication will be in strict confidence unless you choose otherwise.

Email: or

Parents are encouraged to attend yearly Parent Committee meeting, and parent staff interview meetings in helping to plan social events such as our regular routine, the parent work party, Christmas party, summer party, and other fundraising activities.



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