I was really satisfied with the food choices at Sælukot and realise today how good a start it was in life for my children to eat vegetables and vegetarian food, even though our family is not fully vegetarian at home.  Today, my children chose to eat as vegetarians in their elementary school. Also, the meditation and yoga is something they still do quite often on their own, which is a great foundation in life.

 Hrefna Rósa Sætran, head chef and restaurant owner.


My daughter was welcomed to Sælukot when she was 18 months old and I truly believe that the foundation she received in the school played a major important role in her growth to the young girl that she is today and is yet to become. Thanks to the neo-humanistic philosophy of the school, I am a proud parent of a grounded, confident and disciplined individual.

Sonia Wahome, Sales Manager, Radisson Blu, Saga Hotel.


Our experience from Sælukot was overwhelmingly positive. Our son was cared for and nurtured in a positive manner. Today he is well aware of things like meditation, yoga and vegetarian habits. We find that excellent.

Sölvi Blöndal, Fund manager & Head of Economic Research, Gamma


There is an air of serenity at Sælukot different from other preschools I have had experience with. Of course there was fuss and laughter, but the overall feeling was more calm. The healthy choice of food was something I felt very positive about and happy that my daughters did not get processed meat products in their kindergarten, even though we eat meat at home. Children being introduced to yoga and meditation from an early age is a clear genius in my opinion and as a result of this, we often practice meditation at home, especially before falling asleep. It is wonderful. Then having both staff and children from a multitude of nations, truly open the eyes of the children to different cultures and the diversity of people and traditions. A great contribution to greater tolerance and open mind. The playground around Sælukot is large and inviting with a vegetable garden where the children often grow their own crop. Then there is Parent’s Day where parents come and work together for improvement and repairs on the property – it is a great fun and awesome to meet and get to know the other parents.

Saga Bragadóttir, BA. In Icelandic.


Sælukot is one of a kind, kindergarten in Reykjavík because it builds its curriculum on principles of non-violence and yoga. Both our children were very happy in Sælukot and I can recommend it to anybody who is looking for an alternative childcare with deeper understanding of human goals.

Matej Hlavacek, graphic designer.