Welcome to the Country´s first vegan and yogic kindergarten

Leikskólinn Sælukot offers a fun and educational program for children ages 12 months to 6yrs. old by creating a safe and nurturing environment in beautiful surroundings based on the principles of neo-humanist education.
(The philosophy Neo-Humanism was introduced in 1981 by the Indian philosopher Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti)(1921-1990). His definition of Neo-Humanism is: “When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – this is Neo-Humanism. This Neo-Humanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.” 
Sarkar’s motto for Neo-Humanist Education is —  ”Knowledge is that which leads to liberation”.
“In our education system, emphasis should be given to moral education and the inculcation of idealism–not only philosophy and traditions. The practice of morality should be the most important subject in the syllabus at all levels. The sense of universalism should also be awakened in the child. Etiquette and refined behavior are not enough.
Real education leads to a pervasive sense of love and compassion for all creation.” –P.R. Sarkar (Founder of NHE)
Universal cardinal human values are basic to Neo-humanist Education. Ethics form the basis of an emotionally -balanced, self-confident, self-disciplined, integrated and discriminating individual who is well adjusted and able to form joyful relationships and take responsibility in society.Universal cardinal human values, which are oriented towards creating mental harmony, include principles of relating to society (Yama)
and principles for personal integration (Niyama).
  • Yama: non-harming, benevolent truthfulness, non-stealing, simple living, universal love
  • Niyama: cleanliness, mental contentment, service, inspirational study, self-knowledge and meditation.
Application of these values transcends a do’s and don’ts mentality, leading to a sense of love and
compassion for all creation.

I won´t harm do harm in any way
I´ll tell loving truth in what I say
I will not take what is not mine
And know a simple life is fine
I´ll love God shining in all things
In all that breaths, grows and sings
Neat and clean, inside and out
Contented with all that I´ve got
I will serve all beings whenever I may
And I study good books every day
And deep inside me, shining bright
In deep meditation, I´ll know God´s light!


  • To develop the full potential of each child: physical, mental and spiritual
  • To awaken a thirst for knowledge and love of learning
  • To equip students with academic and other skills necessary for higher education
  • To facilitate personal growth in areas such as morality, integrity, self-confidence, self-discipline and co-operation
  • To develop physical well-being and mental capabilities through yoga and concentration techniques, sports and play
  • To develop a sense of aesthetics and appreciation of culture through drama, dance, music, art
  • To encourage students to become active and responsible members of society.